Industrial IBR Briquette Fired Package Steam Boiler

Briquette Fired Steam Boiler Our company is widely acclaimed in the manufacture, supply, distribute and export of Briquette Fired Steam Boiler. These boilers have great quality, excellent designs and superior performance. Besides, these have premium fabric material and fine finishing as per our customer specifications. Further, these boilers are available at our company vendor to our clients with full satisfactions. In addition to this, these boilers are available at lowest prices. IBR Briquette Fired Steam Boiler Features: Smooth working Easy operation Completely tested

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Circulating Fluidized Bed Biomass Boiler

Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) is a relative new technology with the ability to achieve lower emission of pollutants. Extensive research has been conducted on this technology for the past 10 years because pollution in the world is getting more serious by the day and clean practice will be very crucial for the sustainability of the earth. The importance of this technology grew even more lately because of the tightened environmental regulation for pollutant emission. Circulating Fluidized Bed is a good choice to burn Liquid Biomass, Low LHV Biomass and Small Size Biomass. Liquid Biomass The Liquid Biomass normally is a kind of liquid that contains biomass suspended matter. It normally comes from industrial or chemical procedure. There are two way to burn this fuel. Dry it and burn Spray it into furnace By any kind of drying, some volatile matter will gone, LHV goes down. Those fuels contain low volatile matter will fit this way. The dried biomass can be used […]

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used for:

Food plant CHP

Paper mill Power plant

Textile industry

Hotel & Resort

AAC block Plant

Waste heat recovery

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