Gas fired boiler application in Philippines

Gas fired boiler have wide application in Philippines,gas fired boiler widely used in hotel,power generation,pharmaceutical industry,textile plant,Refineries & Petrochemicals,Cement industry hospital, food industry including children food,butcheries . Gas fired boiler in Philippines play a crucial role in hotel which can provide hot water people gas fired boiler for hotel in Philippines is welcomed by people located. Gas fired boiler also called methane fired boiler is ideal for generating either hot water or steam from natural sources of low energy gas including landfills, waste water treatment plants and agricultural waste. ZG is a professional gas fired boiler manufacturer founded in 1945. While displacing or eliminating conventional energy usage, ZG proprietary immersion fire tube design offers unparalleled reliability, low maintenance costs and easy cleaning of gas fired steam boiler for textile industry in Philippines .

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10 ton gas fired steam boiler in china

ZG is a 70 years factory with ISO certification and A Level boilers producing ability&license. Through successful experiences and stable quality assurance, we can supply customized design of many kinds boilers for different industry. We have gained many patents for boilers advanced technology in China and even around the world Industrial gas fired steam boiler in china We supply DZL series 10 ton gas fired steam boiler;SZL series 10 ton gas fired steam boiler and WNS series 10 ton gas fired steam boiler.Beside we also supply all series of thermal oil boilers, hot water boilers, stea m boilers, coal fired boilers, gas fired boilers, oil fired boilers, biomass fired boilers, horizontal&vertical boilers, sigle drum boilers, and double drum boilers, etc. 10 tons gas fired steam boiler price With independent right of import and export, ZG has exported 10 ton gas fired steam boiler with high quality and suitable price to Dutch, French, Italian, and Kazakhstan,Malaysia,India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Russia , Thailand.Welcome to […]

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Vietnam 130t CFB coal fired power plant for Paper industry

Project: 130 ton circulating fluidized bed coal fired power plant for paper industry Application area: paper industry Project site: Tuyen Quang, Vietnam Vietnam 130ton CFB coal fired power plant for Paper industry background: Total capacity of paper sector is about 218,968 tons of pulp and 753,720 tons of paper in Vietnam, bringing the output value of more than VND 6,000 billions. And paper sector has great development opportunities in Vietnam, while the competition is fierce. To expand the production, one of the paper industry in Tuyen Quang purchased our 130 ton circulating fluidized bed coal fired power boiler plant. 130 ton CFB coal fired boiler advantages: 1) It has higher burning efficiency and higher heat efficiency. 2) It can realize getting rid of sulfur inside the furnace by adding CaCO3 and the efficiency can catch up to 90% and above and this is done at low temperature which can prevent from producing NOx and is good for protecting environment. 3) It has wide coal adaptability. 4) […]

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used for:

Food plant CHP

Paper mill Power plant

Textile industry

Hotel & Resort

AAC block Plant

Waste heat recovery

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