Buying biomass boiler in Philippines

Biomass as one type fuel of the industrial boiler is energy saving and environmental friendly.In addition rice is the staple crop in Philippines,so there will produce a lot of rice husk.Industries come very naturally buying biomass fired boiler in suitable price in Philippines.It not only energy saving but also reduce the cost. ZG is a practical biomass fired boiler in china and supply many type of biomass boiler for different industry to choose.Then the question is how to choose a suitable biomass boiler?ZG will tell you the point for choosing which type biomass boiler. Biomass boiler supplied by ZG mainly include biomass fired chain grate steam boiler,biomass fired chain grate hot water boiler,biomass fired circulating fluidized bed steam boiler and biomass fired circulating fluidized bed hot water boiler.Among them the hot water boiler mainly used in heating company and steam boiler used in other industries.The specific boiler model may be depend on many factors such as boiler capacity,boiler rated steam pressure […]

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Biomass fired boiler in China

Biomass fired boiler take the newest CFB technology and have wide application in industry.for example Biomass fired boiler can be used in Biomass co-generation plant.Biomass fired boiler structure is of (single) double-cylinder transversal natural circulation.The hearth outlet is equipped with high-temperature vortex separator, which runs smooth and has a high separating rate and biomass fired boiler adopts imported refractory steel to manufacture the vortex throat, which resists to high temperature an abrasion. The biomass fired boiler recycle device is composed of two small U valves and uses them to recycle,which leads to uniform distribution of the recycled material and avoids the local accumulation on he grid plate so as not to influence the fluidization quality. Biomass fired boiler can be used in many industries,in addition it’s strong adaptability for fuels,Biomass fired is attractive for many industries such as power pant,so the future development of biomass fired power plant boiler will be very good.ZG as a power plant boiler manufacturer in china will […]

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Biogas biomass fired boiler for sale

ZG is one of the largest biogas biomass fired boiler manufacturer and supply biogas biomass fired steam boiler and biogas biomass fired hot water boiler.2 ton -35 ton biogas biomass fired boilers for sale have a good performance to trade. Biogas typically means a combination of different gases created by the breakdown of many organic matter in the absence of some oxygen. Biogas can be manufactured from regionally available rock for instance recycled waste. This is a alternative energy source and in some cases exerts an extremely small carbon footprint. We can easily supply biogas steam boiler and biogas hot water boilers, between 2 ton -35 ton biogas boilers to customers and we supply customized biogas steam boilers to meet up with different requirements. The biogas fired boiler resembles the gas fired boilers, with three pass design, wet back structure. The complete plate boundary has butt-jointed seam while using aspects of high reliability and cheap of repair. Being a trustful industrial […]

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Circulating Fluidized Bed Biomass Boiler

Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) is a relative new technology with the ability to achieve lower emission of pollutants. Extensive research has been conducted on this technology for the past 10 years because pollution in the world is getting more serious by the day and clean practice will be very crucial for the sustainability of the earth. The importance of this technology grew even more lately because of the tightened environmental regulation for pollutant emission. Circulating Fluidized Bed is a good choice to burn Liquid Biomass, Low LHV Biomass and Small Size Biomass. Liquid Biomass The Liquid Biomass normally is a kind of liquid that contains biomass suspended matter. It normally comes from industrial or chemical procedure. There are two way to burn this fuel. Dry it and burn Spray it into furnace By any kind of drying, some volatile matter will gone, LHV goes down. Those fuels contain low volatile matter will fit this way. The dried biomass can be used […]

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used for:

Food plant CHP

Paper mill Power plant

Textile industry

Hotel & Resort

AAC block Plant

Waste heat recovery

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