Circulating Fuidized bed boiler for sale in India

ZG is really a preeminent CFB boiler manufacturer with experience of almost seventy years. ZG have developed an unmatched higher level of expertise in fuel combustion by designing, manufacturing and supplying state-of-the-art systems and equipment that actually work cleanly, cost-effectively and reliably.ZG have exported many CFB boiler to India. Why choose ZG’s circulating fluidised bed (CFB) boilers for sale in India? ZG CFB boiler for sale provide real, tangible improvements for your investment. As well as our exceptional portfolio of services for the complete plant life cycle, you benefit from: Maximum fuel flexibility Environmentally-friendly burning of low grade, low cost or high sulphur solid fuels Excellent efficiency, with low emissions High operational reliability Minimised operation and management costs and footprints ZG CFB boiler for sale in India feature innovative design features that lead the market in technology and application: Expert firing system with high efficiency cyclone Improved boiler efficiency and up to 50% bent consumption reduction through advanced desulphurisation process Very low NOx emissions from our Integrated […]

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Biogas biomass fired boiler for sale

ZG is one of the largest biogas biomass fired boiler manufacturer and supply biogas biomass fired steam boiler and biogas biomass fired hot water boiler.2 ton -35 ton biogas biomass fired boilers for sale have a good performance to trade. Biogas typically means a combination of different gases created by the breakdown of many organic matter in the absence of some oxygen. Biogas can be manufactured from regionally available rock for instance recycled waste. This is a alternative energy source and in some cases exerts an extremely small carbon footprint. We can easily supply biogas steam boiler and biogas hot water boilers, between 2 ton -35 ton biogas boilers to customers and we supply customized biogas steam boilers to meet up with different requirements. The biogas fired boiler resembles the gas fired boilers, with three pass design, wet back structure. The complete plate boundary has butt-jointed seam while using aspects of high reliability and cheap of repair. Being a trustful industrial […]

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Natural gas fired boiler for sale

Natural gas fired hot water boiler is automatic operation, safety, and reliability shall characterize the boiler provided with various control, protection device, and automatic control of steam pressure, water level and combustion system. The hot water boiler shall use program control, and temperature and time control featuring the following advantages: easy to use, simple to maintain, as well as saving the manpower and material resources.Natural gas fired boiler have many applications and natural gas fired hot water boiler in Bangladesh is more welcomed by industry. Horizontal gas fired hot water boiler obvious effect of energy-saving, and meeting the environmental requirements. The application of totally enclosed combustion shall make the boiler room to be tasteless, noiseless, unpolluted and clean.Meanwhile the gas fired boiler have been used in Singapore.especially the 3 ton gas fired boiler for sale in Singapore have applied in many cities. ZG as a gas fired boiler manufacturer in china,with the independence of the export right have exported a lot of […]

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Oil fired industrial boiler for sale

Oil fired industrial boiler include oil fired industrial steam boiler and oil fired industrial hot water boiler.Both of the oil fired steam boiler and oil fired hot water boiler are used widely in industry.The steam boiler have wide application in industry but the hot water boiler mainly focus in heating company.WNS series oil fired hot water boiler on market in Singapore is welcomed relatively. ZG selection of oil fired boilers is part of ZG commitment to being the one-stop supplier of all your boiler needs.Over the years we’ve successfully installed hundreds of oil fired boilers for customers in over a variety of many different industries. ZG commitment to providing comprehensive service for all boiler-related issues means we’re with you every step of the way when from selection to delivery and installation to maintenance and even removing or converting your oil fired boiler.ZG as a professional horizontal oil fired boiler manufacturer mainly supply horizontal oil fired steam boiler and oil fired hot water […]

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used for:

Food plant CHP

Paper mill Power plant

Textile industry

Hotel & Resort

AAC block Plant

Waste heat recovery

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