Buying biomass boiler in Philippines

Biomass as one type fuel of the industrial boiler is energy saving and environmental friendly.In addition rice is the staple crop in Philippines,so there will produce a lot of rice husk.Industries come very naturally buying biomass fired boiler in suitable price in Philippines.It not only energy saving but also reduce the cost. ZG is a practical biomass fired boiler in china and supply many type of biomass boiler for different industry to choose.Then the question is how to choose a suitable biomass boiler?ZG will tell you the point for choosing which type biomass boiler. Biomass boiler supplied by ZG mainly include biomass fired chain grate steam boiler,biomass fired chain grate hot water boiler,biomass fired circulating fluidized bed steam boiler and biomass fired circulating fluidized bed hot water boiler.Among them the hot water boiler mainly used in heating company and steam boiler used in other industries.The specific boiler model may be depend on many factors such as boiler capacity,boiler rated steam pressure […]

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Gas fired boiler application in Philippines

Gas fired boiler have wide application in Philippines,gas fired boiler widely used in hotel,power generation,pharmaceutical industry,textile plant,Refineries & Petrochemicals,Cement industry hospital, food industry including children food,butcheries . Gas fired boiler in Philippines play a crucial role in hotel which can provide hot water people gas fired boiler for hotel in Philippines is welcomed by people located. Gas fired boiler also called methane fired boiler is ideal for generating either hot water or steam from natural sources of low energy gas including landfills, waste water treatment plants and agricultural waste. ZG is a professional gas fired boiler manufacturer founded in 1945. While displacing or eliminating conventional energy usage, ZG proprietary immersion fire tube design offers unparalleled reliability, low maintenance costs and easy cleaning of gas fired steam boiler for textile industry in Philippines .

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used for:

Food plant CHP

Paper mill Power plant

Textile industry

Hotel & Resort

AAC block Plant

Waste heat recovery

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