Horizontal Wet Back Coal Steam Boiler

The IBR Horizontal Wet Back Coal Steam Boiler that we offer are available in three pass wet pack horizontal, smoke tube type fusion welded. These precision engineered boilers are quality proven as per various standards such as ibr / din / bs / asme code. The boilers have gained tremendous accolades for their safety measures, efficiency, dependability and noiseless operation. The wet back models eliminate rear end refractory along with its maintenance cost. Further, it also reduces its stress of rear tube sheet & ligament cracking, eliminated radiant heat, lengthening tube life and reducing heat loss from rear turn. Following are the technical specifications: Capacity: 500 kgs/hr – 5000 kgs/hr Working pressure: 10. 54 kg/cm2

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used for:

Food plant CHP

Paper mill Power plant

Textile industry

Hotel & Resort

AAC block Plant

Waste heat recovery

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