Husk Fired Steam Boiler

Husk Fired Steam Boiler Husk Fired Steam Boiler are specially designed for light fuels like rice husk, wheat husk. This is package type design, with eccentric furnace, three pass, fully wet back & smoke tube type structure. Fuel is charged from the top through ventury type valve. Fuel is conveyed pneumatically by fans. Vibratory feeder is provided to spray constant amount of husk Husk Fired Steam Boiler Product Range: Capacity – 1 TPH to 6 TPH Pressure – 10.54 kg/cm² to 17.5 kg/cm²(g) Fuels – Rice husk, Wheat husk Grates – Controlled air combustion grate/ Fluidized bed combustion grate. Efficiency -Overall efficiency of 80 % ( /-2%) Husk Fired Steam Boiler Special Features: Automatic feeding of husk. Compact and efficient design which requires less floor space. 3-pass fully wet back design for highest efficiency. Available in CAC grate, FBC grate. Two safety valves on separate nozzles are provided. Special type steam separator provided for Best quality steam. Easy for installation&;; […]

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used for:

Food plant CHP

Paper mill Power plant

Textile industry

Hotel & Resort

AAC block Plant

Waste heat recovery

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